Calculate Truck Payments


Calculate Truck Payments

Calculate your monthly truck loan payments on new and used trucks.

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Trade-in ($):
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Sales Tax (%):
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Interest Rate (%):
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Your Truck Loan Results

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Total Interest Cost:
All In Cost:

Create A Loan Amortization Schedule

Enter the following information to track your loan payments & vehicle equity.

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Monthly Truck Budget

Enter a monthly payment to calculate your maximum truck loan size.

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Sales Tax % (if in loan):
Loan term (years):
Trade-in value ($):
Owed on trade-in ($):
Down payment ($):
Rebate added to down payment ($):
Maximum vehicle price:
Required loan amount:

Current Rates Available Today

Take advantage of current interest rates to lock in savings today.

Wooden Truck Concept With Payment Calculator.

The Rising Popularity of Trucks & SUVs

After the global recession commodity prices crashed. Oil prices quickly rebounded to around $100 a barrel, which drove heavy investment in fracking. That in turn forced OPEC to defend their share of the oil market by increasing production & driving down oil prices. Oil prices crashed, bottoming out at $26.21 a barrel in February of 2016.

When oil prices are low consumers shift preference from purchasing cars to purchasing light trucks & SUVs. As the economy has heated up auto sales hit over 17 million units per year. In spite of strong unit volume growth, car sales have remained sluggish due to low oil prices.

Passenger cars “continues to be a difficult segment as we see a continued shift into SUVs,” Ford’s U.S. sales chief, Mark LaNeve, said on a conference call. “We anticipate continued migration” from cars to SUVs over the next five years, he added.

In 2017 trucks & SUVs accounted for 67% of the total market according to estimates shared by Toyota. Low oil prices have lifted truck prices while suppressing hybrid & electric vehicle sales.

Here are the best-selling truck models in 2017.

Make Model Sales Volume
Ford F-Series 896,764
Chevrolet Silverado 585,864
Dodge Ram 500,723
GMC Sierra 217,943
Toyota Tacoma 198,124
Toyota Tundra 116,285
Chevrolet Colorado 112,996
Nissan Frontier 74,360
Nissan Titan 52,924
Honda Ridgeline 34,749

Low oil prices have led to stagnant car sales as truck sales saw continued growth: "Sales of car-based models fell nearly 11% in 2017; while sales of pickups, SUVs, crossovers and vans rose 4.3%, to 10.9 million. That was about 60% of all light-vehicle sales."

In the coming years Ford intends to stop selling most of their sedan models to focus on more profitable trucks & SUVs.

Ford, one of the great engines of 20th Century American industry, is about to do the unthinkable: abandon the American car business almost entirely. Just two years from now, a mere 10 percent of the vehicles rolling off Ford assembly lines and into North American showrooms will be sedans and sports cars like the Taurus or Mustang. The rest will be pickups, SUVs and commercial vehicles
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