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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

Use this calculator to see how much sooner you can own your home free and clear by making regular bi-weekly payments, adding exta each month to your payments, or both. We'll show you how much interest expense you save and how soon you'll own your home.

Original Mortgage Amount:
Interest Rate (APR %):
Original loan term (years):
Monthly Payment (including tax & insurance):
Payments Already Made:
Date next payment due:
Extra You Could Pay Every Month:
Estimated current mortgage payment less escrow:
Estimated interest paid so far:
Estimated current mortgage balance:
Results Current Current With Extra Biweekly Biweekly With Extra
Mortgage payment:
Years to pay off:
Interest savings:
Monthly payments eliminated:
Total payment savings:
Equity after 5 years:
Equity after 10 years:
Balance due after __ years:
Results (continued) Current Current With Extra Biweekly Biweekly With Extra
Average monthly savings:
Average annual savings:
Equivalent interest rate:
Cash available after __ years*
Payment Schedules:
*Based on a 10% investment yield on money saved over the life of the loan.

See Current Rates

The following table displays current rates across the consumer economy.

For debt, select between mortgage or auto loans. For savings, select between CDs and regular savings accounts.

Money Saved is Money Earned.

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