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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

Use this calculator to see how much sooner you can own your home free and clear by making regular bi-weekly payments, adding exta each month to your payments, or both. We'll show you how much interest expense you save and how soon you'll own your home.

Original Mortgage Amount:
Interest Rate (APR %):
Original loan term (years):
Monthly Payment (including tax & insurance):
Payments Already Made:
Date next payment due:
Extra You Could Pay Every Month:
Estimated current mortgage payment less escrow:
Estimated interest paid so far:
Estimated current mortgage balance:
Results Current Current With Extra Biweekly Biweekly With Extra
Mortgage payment:
Years to pay off:
Interest savings:
Monthly payments eliminated:
Total payment savings:
Equity after 5 years:
Equity after 10 years:
Balance due after __ years:
Results (continued) Current Current With Extra Biweekly Biweekly With Extra
Average monthly savings:
Average annual savings:
Equivalent interest rate:
Cash available after __ years*
Payment Schedules:
*Based on a 10% investment yield on money saved over the life of the loan.

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Money Saved is Money Earned.

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