Debt Investment A Risk-free Way to Obtain Great Tax-free, Risk-adjusted Returns


Debt Investment Calculator

While hot stocks can sound appealing, most of us can achieve greater & lower risk returns by quickly paying down our debts. Both income and capital gains are taxed, whereas money saved that would have been spent on loan interest payments goes untaxed. And if you have no debts, then when the market crashes at some point you are in a far stronger ecnomic position & can perhaps buy the bottom rather than selling into it!

Amount owed:
Loan interest rate (APR %):
Current monthly payment:
Extra amount you can pay each month:
Current Months to Pay Debts Off:
Revised Payoff Term:
Months Saved:
Current Interest Cost:
Revised Interest Cost:
Total interest savings (Return on investment):
Guaranteed Annual Rate of Return:

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Man Happy to Have Paid Off All His Debts & Become Debt Free.

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