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Forest.Protecting the environment has several benefits for people. Making changes to reduce the amount of energy a person uses at home or at work not only preserves resources for future generations. Reducing energy use and consumption can also help reduce home heating and other energy bills. Using less means less waste, this also has an impact on a person's budget. There are large ways people can reduce their energy use to help protect the environment, such as by driving less or by not flying as often. Small changes also have a big impact on the health of the planet.

Everyday Changes

A person can make a number of barely noticeable changes to their daily habits to help save the environment. For example, if a person is in the market for a new refrigerator, television or other appliance, they should look for energy efficient models. These models feature the Energy Star label in the US. Energy efficient appliances don't cost more than less efficient appliances. Over time, they will save a person money, since they require less electricity, oil or gas to operate.

Another everyday change people can make to protect the environment is to recycle. The rules for recycling vary from location to location. A person should find out what rules their city has in place. Some cities will pick up every type of plastic, as well as glass, paper and metal at the curb. Others ask that people bring their recyclables to a drop off location. Some places will only recycle certain types of plastic.

Composting is another change people can make in their daily lives to help the Earth. If a person has the space, they can compost at home, either using a three bin system outside or by using a worm bin. If there is no room for a bin at home, they can arrange for compost pick up with a local company. Although not every city offers compost pick up with the trash and recycling, a few do.

Calculating Change

Charging Electric Car.

Before a person can make even the smallest changes to their lifestyle, it helps to understand the environmental impact of certain choices. Online calculators are particularly helpful for figuring out how many resources a person uses and how big of an environmental footprint they have. Different calculators measure different areas. Some will figure out how much pollution a person's car contributes, while others measure the amount of paper a person uses. Other calculators look at the big picture and measure all areas.

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