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Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

Should you keep paying on your current mortgage or refinance into a lower rate loan? Enter your details in the calculator below and we'll help you see which option will help you pay off the loan quicker, what saves you more in interest expense & how long you'll need to pay on the new loan to offset any refinancing fees.

Your Current Loan Balance
Current Principal & Interest Payment:
Current Interest Rate (APR %):
New Interest Rate (APR %):
Refinancing Term in Years:
Closing Costs
(usually # of points is either "1" or "2" while the dollar amount is 0.01 or 0.02 times the loan principal)
Add Closing Cost Into Loan?
Monthly Payment With Refinancing:
Monthly Payment Reduction:
Months for Interest Savings to Exceed Closing Costs:
Interest on Current Loan:
Interest on New Loan:
Refinance Interest Saved:
Net Refi Savings (interest savings minus closing costs):

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Mortgage Refinancing.

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