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Resources to Help You Save Money

Financial Literacy. If you're thinking about saving up to buy a car, you'll have to be smart with your money. Financial literacy is knowing how to earn, save and spend money in the real world. When you're financially literate, you have control of your finances, can manage your money wisely, and are a responsible consumer. It can help you pay your bills on time, stay out of debt, maintain a good credit score, and learn the value of every dollar. These are skills that you will need as you grow older, but it's never too early to learn them – especially if you want to start saving for your own car now. Below are some links that will help you learn how to save money for your four-wheeled goal.

  • Start Smart: Money Management for Teens (PDF) — The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation gives teens money management information and tips on how to spend and protect savings. A quiz at the end tests your financial literacy.
  • Saving Tricks — The Mint provides money saving tricks for “tweens”, and gives advice on how to keep a “money diary.”
  • 7 Tips for Teens Saving to Buy Their Own Car — These seven tips suggest ways for teens to save up for a car as quickly as possible.
  • First Time Car Buying Tips for Teens — This website provides step-by-step instructions for teens on how to save up for, research and purchase a first car.
  • A Kid's Guide to Money (PDF) — This booklet will help you learn the basics of money management, budgeting and saving. It includes worksheets to help you understand your personal finances.
  • Managing Money: Make a Saving Plan — Here, PBS Kids explains the differences between short-term and long-term saving. It provides examples of each.
  • Money Games and Simulations for Grades 5-8 — This page contains money games for kids between the fifth and eighth grades.
  • Hands On Banking 4.0 for Kids — This interactive, web-based video game helps kids learn about money, budgeting, checking and savings accounts and credit basics.
  • Beginning Budgeting for Every Age — These tips and activities help kids of every age learn how to save and budget.
  • Money as You Grow: 10 Things Kids Need to Know to Lead Financially Smart Lives — This interactive website helps you understand what lessons about money you should be learning and what you should be doing to become a financially responsible adult. A special section on 11-13 year olds should help you determine if you're on the right track.
  • How to Save for Something Big — Kidz World gives you basic ways to save up for your first car., and even provides ways to do it using bonds, stocks and mutual funds.
  • Ten Sneaky Saving Strategies — These saving tips can help you save up for your first car in a few fun ways. If you already have a savings account, the activities may be even easier.
  • Wise Pockets Clubhouse — Wise Pockets the koala bear offers his library of money lessons to help you understand earning, saving and spending. There's even a section for borrowing, in case you'll need a car loan.
  • Saving Money — This government page provides lessons and games that will help teach you about the importance of money. It offers specific web pages that will help you reach financial goals, like saving up for the holidays.
  • Fraud Scene Investigator — This fun game will help you determine how money can be used wisely and legally.
  • Money Island — This leading money game helps kids learn about money by providing virtual financial goals to reach.
  • Financial Entertainment — Financial Entertainment provides several different money-related games to play.
  • Jump Start Reality Check — This money game will help you put large financial purchases into perspective. It offers a way to understand the costs involved in paying for a car.
  • It All Adds Up — Teens will love this interactive lesson about money that shows how spending and earning can easily add up to large financial figures.
  • The United States Mint's Games — The United States Mint offers dozens of games to help turn kids into responsible consumers. Choose from different genres like action, adventure, and puzzles.
  • Piggy Bank Adventure — These games can help test your knowledge of financial literacy and make you a smart consumer.
  • Learn to Count Money — This game will help you learn how to count money, and is suitable for you, if you're in the fifth grade.
  • For Me, For You, For Later — Sesame Street helps kids learn how to save, spend and share wealth.


Useful Calculators for Money Savers

We offer a number of helpful money savings calculators on our site. Please use them to help reach your savings goals.

  • Savings goal - enter your savings goal & we will show you how much you will need to save each month to reach it.
  • Compound savings - enter your initial amount saved and how much you intend to save each month and we'll tell you how much you have saved at the end of the period.
  • Monthly deposit savings - this calculator will tell you how long it takes to reach your savings goal given a regular monthly deposit.
  • Millionaire - how long will it take you to become a millionaire.
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