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Debt Snowball Calculator

Use this calculator to see how quickly you can pay off your debts & how much interest you will save using the rollover method. Using this strategy, any extra payment is first applied to the smallest of the debts until it is paid off & then that extra amount is applied to the next biggest debt.

Enter your debts from the smallest amount owed to largest in the calculator below and we'll show you how to save money paying them off using the snowball or rollover method.

The right 2 columns are automatically calculated after each debt is entered. Simply enter the debt name, the balance, the interest rate & the minimum payment amounts for each debt and we'll help you see how quickly you can get out of debt. Please note that if you include mortgage payments below, only apply the principal & interest portion of the payment.

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# Debt Amount Owed Interest Rate (APR %) Monthly Payment Monthly Interest Remaining Payments
Enter a monthly dollar amount you can add to your debt payoff plan:
Results Principal Balance Interest Rate Payment Amount Interest Cost Payments Left
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Accelerated Payments: N/A
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