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Enjoy our free collection of online driving games. We offer over 20 games which you can play for free directly in your web browser. Games range from racing, to obstacle courses, to bike cruising, to cross the road type games.

All of our games are ad free, making them a great way to blow off steam.

If you are too young to drive or want to engage in a bit of road rage without any adverse consequences play our free & ad-free games for a quick bit of happy. ;)

Apple and Onion Cat Rescue

Apple and Onion Cat Rescue - help a lost cat cross a busy and dangerous highway by jumping from car to car & make it back to Apple or Onion.

Batman Gotham City Speed

Batman Gotham City Speed is a LEGO Batmobile driving game. Fight off villains, avoid obstacles, collect LEGO studs & power up the Batmobile for battle.

Cars Lightning Speed

Cars Lightning Speed is a racing game based on the Disney animated movie series.

Clarence Reckless Ramps

Clarence Reckless Ramps is a fun and whimsical ragdoll styled wagon racing game where you help Clarence gain experience and power up his little red wagon.

Danger Mouse Full Speed Extreme Turbo Racing

Danger Mouse Full Speed Extreme Turbo Racing is a fun and exciting race car driving game

Go Chicken Go

Go Chicken Go is a crossy road styled game with chickens who like to live on the edge. Make it straight across & have near misses for bonus points. Pick up the speed to shake your tail fethers a bit faster!

Grizzy and the Lemmings Yummy Run

Grizzy and the Lemmings Yummy Run is a race game where you play as either Grizzy or the Lemmings racing the other toward the truck full of Yummy XL chocolate hazelnut spread.

IonDrift Epsilon

IonDrift Epsilon is a blend of futuristic hovercraft bike racing concept with retro 3D graphics.

Loud House Extreme Cardboard Racing

Loud House Extreme Cardboard Racing invites you to race in an RC Pro Am styled time trial cardboard racer as Lincoln Loud, Lisa Loud, Luna Loud, or Lynn Loud. Choose to race turbo tabletop, floor it, or garden grinder courses.

Nick Racing Stars

Nick Racing Stars allows you to race as SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Leo, Tommy, Timmy, Chloe, Babe, Kenzie, Henry, Alvin, Red Ranger, Lincoln, Lola, Abreasive Spongebob, Tiger Claw, Shredder, or Snide. Choose to play a quick race, compete in a grand prix tournament, or play in for fun mode with all sorts of wacky surprises. Leverage speed boosts, bump opponents & avoid obstacles to finish 3 laps first.

Odd Squad Artifact Adventure

Odd Squad Artifact Adventure is a collecting logic puzzle game where you drive a van and try to accumulate all the artifcats before a competing evil van does the same.

Paper Racers

Paper Racers is a cute cartoon racing game where you can choose to race as Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo & Shaggy, Tom & Jerry, Tweety &, Sylvester, The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote. Pick a car style, paint it, and see if you can win all 10 races with each driver. Use ramps to speed away after bumping your cpponents into dangerous hazards which slow them down.

Psycho Beach Mummies

Psycho Beach Mummies is a beat-em-up styled driving game (is that a thing?) where you play as a lifeguard fighting off waves of vicious mummies on the beach for as long as you can before you become mummified. Collect coins to purchase other vehicle unlocks, run over mummies, and break a lot of the other beach scenery by driving it over to earn extra points.

Skate Rush

Skate Rush is a fun scooter racing game based on popular characters from Cartoon Network. Race as Gumball, Craig, Gwen, Cyborg, Anais, Grizzy, or Apple. Collect coins and win races to gain experience which allows you to upgrade your vehicles and unlock other drivers including Wonder Woman, Darwin, Raven, Ice Bear, Onion, Robin, and Ben 10.

Sprint Club Nitro

Sprint Club Nitro is an F1 formula racing game where you try to get first place on every course. Upgrade your car so you can compete on the harder courses at the end of the game.

Steven Universe Beach City Drifters

Steven Universe Beach City Drifters is an obstacle course racing drifting game. As you race down the mountain use your experience to unlock better vehicles and take it to the limit. Start your race with Stevonnie's Supremo Dondai, then unlock Greg's van, Buck's vending truck, Jenny Pizza & Kevin. Collect all the stars, avoid wrecks & finish each of the 13 courses quickly for a 3-star rating.

Teen Titans Go Night Begins to Shine

Teen Titans Go Night Begins to Shine is a motorcycle cruising game more epic than cruising a motorcycle.

Teen Titans Go Robin vs See-More

Teen Titans Go Robin vs See-More is a chase game where you play as Robin weaving his way through traffic and chasing down See-More for an epic battle.

TMNT Road Riot

TMNT Road Riot is a racing game where you play as any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they race across New York City. Play as Raph, Leo, Mikey & Donnie, April, Meat Sweets, Hyno-Potamus, Repo-Mantis, Todd, or Splinter in free spin, quick race or tournament mode.

Uncle Grandpa vs Aunt Grandma

Uncle Grandpa vs Aunt Grandma is a racing game where you try to avoid all the obstacles while collecting as much peanut butter as you can.

We Bare Bears Scooter Streamers

We Bare Bears Scooter Streamers is a fusion of a scooter racing game, an obstacle course, and a social media marketing campaign where you help show the world how awesome We Bare Bears are with your epic moves.

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