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Want to figure your monthly home loan payments? Use this calculator to to enter your purchase price, down payment, interest rate, loan term, taxes, insurance & other monthly fees to figure out what your monthly payments will be. You can also generate a printable amortization schedule to track your loan's progress. For down payment, taxes & insurance you can use the drop down boxes to the left to convert percents into dollar amounts, or you can enter dollar amounts directly into the right column.

PMI payments are typically only required for loans where the loan-to-value amount is above 80%. If you put at least 20% down PMI costs will be calculated as zero.

Purchase Price:
Down Payment:
Loan amount:
Interest rate (APR %):
Mortgage term:
Annual property taxes:
Annual insurance:
PMI (%):
monthly HOA:
Square footage (optional):
Total monthly payment:
Monthly principal & interest:
Monthly taxes, insurance & fees:
Total payments over loan:
Total interest expense:
Purchase price per square foot:

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