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This calculator will help you to estimate your annual gasoline cost given the type of car you drive, the number of miles you drive per month, and the price you are paying for a gallon of gasoline.

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Tips to Save Money on Your Gas Budget

Gas Pump vs Electric Power.

In today's troubled economy, many people are looking for any way possible to save money. One of the areas they often look at is how they can save money on their gas budget. There are many terrific ways that consumers can accomplish this, anIn today's troubled economy, many people are looking for any way possible to save money. One of the areas they often look at is how they can save money on their gas budget. There are many terrific ways that consumers can accomplish this, and the following methods are some of the best.


Carpooling is a terrific way to save money on gas budgets. It has become quite popular as well. There are many benefits to carpooling; however, the best advantage of them all is that people can save a lot of money by sharing a ride. They will also save money by reducing the amount of wear and tear they place on their own vehicles.

When people choose to carpool, they can vary their payment arrangements any way they may wish. They can choose to pool their money every day, every Friday or once a month. Additionally, they can choose to have riders pay the fuel costs when it is not their turn to drive, or they may opt for having the drivers pay all costs when it is their turn.

The best carpools are those in which all of the members work for the same business. In that way, they only need to make one stop. However, carpooling can also work if all of the members work in places that are along a convenient route. It is best if they live in a convenient route as well.

In addition to saving money by carpooling, this method of transportation also has many other benefits. People can help save the environment by carpooling as well. Without as many vehicles on the road, they will help reduce the amount of toxic emissions being released into the air. They will save money on parking fees and help to reduce traffic congestion too.

Public Transportation

For those people who have access to public transportation, riding buses, street cars or subway trains are terrific ways to save money on gas as well. Public transportation is a cheap way to get back and forth from work, school, doctors appointment and even shopping trips. This method of getting around is quite popular today for many reasons.

Not only is public transportation very affordable, but it takes the stress of driving off of people's shoulders. They do not have to worry about parking, fuel costs, vehicle maintenance or driving in congested traffic. They are also helping to save the environment by reducing the volume of vehicles on the roads.

Additionally, when people choose to make use of public transportation, they have more time to do such things as prepare for meetings, speeches or simply relax. They will be dropped off at or near their destination and picked up in the same manner. They will not have to worry about car insurance, payments or repairs either.

Taxi Cabs

For those people who do not like the idea of public transportation, taxi cabs may be the perfect choice. While taxis may cost more than public transportation, they are not crowded like buses and trains, and they can get people to their destinations much quicker. Additionally, taxis will drop you off at the door of your destination, whereas in most cases, buses and trains will not.

Many taxi cabs are also available around the clock, whereas public transportation is not. Taxis also do not have to make several stops during their route to pick up other passengers like buses and trains do. This will save you valuable time getting to where you need to go. Companies like Uber make this untility even more ubiquitious.

When people choose to take a taxi to work or school, they will not have to worry about parking, parking costs, car insurance, car payments, car maintenance and repairs, and fuel. Finally, taxi drivers know all of the best routes to get people to their jobs or school on time with no worries.

Motorcycles and Scooters

Riding a motorcycle or scooter can be a fun and exciting way to save money on a gas budget. Many people are resorting to this form of transportation and for good reason. Not only are motorcycles and scooters better for the environment, but they do not require much gas to operate.

A motorcycle or scooter can go much further on one gallon of gas than any car or truck can. This can be very useful for people who have to commute back and forth to work or school on an almost daily basis. These vehicles are much easier to park and maneuver in traffic as well.

If people plan on doing major grocery shopping, riding a motorcycle or scooter may not be practical. However, they can still save money on their gas budget by using one of the other methods described here such as using a taxi or carpooling with someone else who needs groceries as well.

Electric Car Conversion Kits

People have different views on purchasing electric car conversion kits. This is because they can be quite expensive, indeed. However, if you plan on doing quite a bit of commuting, it may be worth purchasing one. Thus, these kits can be great investments for people who have to go to work or school most every day.

People will want to keep in mind though, that these vehicles are only practical for local commutes. Therefore, their schools or jobs must be in close range of their homes. Additionally, these cars cannot go over about 40 miles per hour. It is possible to purchase a kit that will allow cars to travel for longer distances, but these kits are extremely costly.

A much more affordable option is for people to obtain a guide that will tell them how they can convert their cars to electric without the use of a costly kit. People do not need to be mechanics to follow these guides, and they do not need any specialized tools. Guides are quite simple and the results are just as effective as any kits.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Electric cars do not need gasoline to operate: They run by means of an electric-powered battery. Furthermore, electric cars do not pollute the air as do gasoline-powered vehicles. The drawback of electric and hybrid cars is that they are quite expensive. However, if people need to commute daily, they may be worth the investment.

Hybrid cars will run on fuel if their electric power runs out. This can prove valuable if a person's commute is further than what the electric charge will allow. Since electrical charges for these cars do not last long, they are typically only beneficial for local driving unless, of course, it is a hybrid.

Small Cars

It is a fact of life that large cars and trucks are typically gas guzzlers. With that said, driving a small car can help people save money on their gas budgets. Some small cars today are even quite comfortable, and they offer many terrific luxuries. Small cars can drive much further on a couple of gallons of gas than a larger vehicle can.

Many small cars are much more affordable to insure and repair as well. They are also easier to maneuver in traffic and much easier to park. Small cars are often much cheaper to purchase and insure too. These cars have become quite popular among many people due to their gas-saving and luxurious features.

American consumer demand for larger vehicles has recently halted fuel efficiency improvements:

The average new vehicle on the American road is longer, wider and taller than the vehicle it replaces. And correspondingly more profitable. Because vehicle size and fuel consumption are highly correlated, this trend is reliably captured in average fleet fuel economy. After years of improvement, the average EPA mileage of vehicles sold in the U.S. has stagnated around 25 mpg starting in 2015, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Riding Bicycles

For people who do not have to commute far to work or school, riding a bicycle is a terrific way to save money on gas. Bicycles do not require any gas: They only require the power of a person's legs. This can be a great way to travel for people who want to get back and forth to work or school.

When people choose to ride a bicycle, they do not have to worry about such things as fuel, car insurance, car payments, car repairs and maintenance, parking fees or parking. Additionally, bicycles are environment-friendly, very affordable, and there are many different models for people to choose among.

The only disadvantages to riding bicycles are that they are not practical if people need to bring home a lot of groceries or if they want to go on a long trip. However, paying a taxi cab, carpooling or using public transportation can help in these situations.


In today's health conscious world, what better way to stay healthy and save gas than to walk where one needs to go? Of course, this is only practical if people have a short distance to travel and do not have to transport a lot of groceries or cargo. Walking can be a fabulous option for people who live close to their job or school.

When people choose to walk, they do not have to worry about driving in congested traffic, fuel costs, parking, parking costs, car insurance, car repairs and maintenance, and car payments. However, as stated above, walking is not practical for such things as grocery trips and long distances.

Planning Your Trips

Finally, one of the best ways to save money on gas budgets is to plan trips ahead of time. When people do not plan ahead of time, they often do not know the most cost-efficient route, and they end up spending a lot of money on fuel. When people are planning a trip, they need to take some time to determine the route they should take.

It is a fact that some routes are simply more cost-efficient than others, and if people do not plan accordingly, they can spend a lot of money unnecessarily. Many travel clubs can help consumers find the shortest and most affordable route to take to meet their destination.

While it may seem impossible saving money on gas today, there are many ways that people can do just that. Nobody should have to break their budgets to get where they need to go, and the above methods are some great ways for people to save money on fuel. If they follow these useful tips, they should have no problems finding a method to save money on their gas budgets.

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