Monthly Mortgage Payment Range Estimator


Mortgage Payment Range Calculator

Enter your monthly budget range for a home loan & along with the loan amount and the anticipated rate of interest into this tool and it will quickly tell you how long you would need to make the associated payments to own your home free and clear.

Please note this calculator uses the principal & interest portion of the loan for budgeting. Other potential expenses like property taxes, home insurance, PMI, HOA fees, property maintenance, points & other closing costs would be separate. These other costs could easily add 40% to 60% on top of the cost of a typical 30-year home loan. With that in mind, if you can afford $1,500 to $2,000 a month in total homeownership cost, then you might enter $1,000 to $1,333 in the below fields. Or if you are already paying a mortgage loan and want to pay it off quicker, simply deduct the non-loan portions from your monthly payments and enter the core loan payment ranges you can make below to figure out how quickly you could pay off your loan by making larger payments.

Loan Amount:
Annual Interest Rate (APR %):
Minimum Monthly Loan Payment:
Maximum Monthly Loan Payment:
Description Months Years Total Interest
Minimum payment:
Maximum payment:

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